Fun-packed and festive: The Kolibri Christmas Party 2023

An OKR workshop, a gingerbread house challenge and the a special version of Secret Santa – our Christmas party was full of fun again this year! In this article, we’d like to give you a glimpse of what we got up to.

P.S. Can you get what the dress code might have been?

Beitrag verfasst von Maxi Weber
Date: December 13, 2023 Reading time: est. 2 Min.

“1 December: Christmas Party.” Every single Kolibri had marked this date in their calendar long ago, underlined it and then waited with eager anticipation for the day to arrive. And rightly so – it proved tremendous fun again this year.

But let’s start at the beginning. The host of our Christmas party, the Juwelier Studio in Hamburg, greeted us with the aroma of cinnamon pastries – to the particular delight of our colleague, Guillaume – and a fully prepared espresso machine that allowed another colleague, Kerstin, to dazzle us with her barista skills once again.

Following a delicious breakfast, a fascinating morning awaited us: Aigerim and Frank, two consultants from neoverv, dropped in from Berlin and took us into the stimulating world of OKR.

Which is… what exactly?
Well, OKR is a management method designed to help companies achieve their goals. It relies on clearly formulated goals (Objectives) to serve as guides, while specific, central outcomes (Key Results) make it possible to quantify success. Together with the two experts, we drew up a road map for our agency to follow over the next three months. The intense session left our heads spinning. 2024, we’re ready for you!

Gingerbread houses – with a twist…

Hamburg had transformed into a winter wonderland just in time for our Christmas party, so we took a stroll through the freshly laid snow to the Christmas markets. It was magical. After that, we embarked on a gingerbread house challenge to stoke the competitive fires within us all. They weren’t your traditional gingerbread houses, though – they were designed as homes for Harry Potter, Super Mario and Spongebob Squarepants.

… and, in the end, things got wild again!

Of course, our Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without some culinary delights, and that evening we enjoyed a Christmas meal fit for royalty. You might think that would usher in the more laid-back part of the evening. Not with Kolibri, though! After a quick breather, we rolled up our sleeves and moved the chairs out of the way, ready for Secret Santa – Danish style!*

Did you know?

*In Danish-style Secret Santa, everyone takes turns rolling a dice at break-neck speed. If you roll a 6, you grab yourself a present, continuing until they’ve all been given out. In the next step, a timer starts and the players start rolling the dice again. This time though, if you roll a 6, you can steal someone else’s gift – and the madness continues until the timer sounds. When the game starts, there’s no holding back: this isn’t some children’s game and no gift is safe.

So, with a smile on our faces, full stomachs and hearts brimming with new memories, this year’s Christmas party came to a close. We hope you enjoy a wonderful festive season and a relaxing end to the year. Here’s to another exciting year in 2024!

Solution: Our dress code was, of course, our new CI colours!